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Airline Commerce Gateway

The Airline Commerce Gateway, powered by Farelogix, is a technology solution for airlines ready to take full control of their distribution, merchandising, and retail across all distribution channels.


Use the Airline Commerce GatewayTM graphic below to learn more about the Gateway's technology components.




FLX Direct Connect

The Farelogix Direct Connect allows users to fully control the booking and reservation process out of the Airline Reservation System without any third-party intervention while using whatever type of messaging protocol is required or preferred by the supplier (e.g., EDIFACT, OTA, XML, GDS, or proprietary). All content is then standardized and normalized in industry-standard XML for use within the Gateway. 
Direct Connect brings measurable and significant value to airlines by executing three main strategic distribution initiatives: traveler authentication, sale of ancillary services, and distribution cost savings.

Some of the functions made easier by Direct Connect include:

• Shopping.
• Bundled Fares and A La Carte Merchandising inclusive of compliance with airline brand standards and marketing (photo, video, etc.).
• Full support for traveler-authenticated (personalized) offers that an airline seeks to provide based on traveler, corporate ID, or other data parameter.
• Pricing.
• Availability.
• Reservation placement and management.
• Seat assign; merchandising; change.
• Ticketing, Exchange, Refund, Void.
• Interline Management.
• Settlement and reporting (ARC, BSP, TCN, BIDT, etc.).
• Custom content/functionality as requested by supplier.
• Optional integration with airline flight merchandising engine.
• Offer and Order Managment.


Included in the FLX Direct Connect is the FLX Distribution Manager, a highly customizable business rules processing engine designed to strategically manage sources for searching, shopping, and booking as related to airline content delivery across various channels and distribution outlets.


Also included is FLX Docs, a solution providing airlines full flexibility to ticket, settle, and report each transaction that today handles e-ticketing and ticketless carriers and is certified in both ARC and BSP. Farelogix, which supports both EMD-A and EMD-S documents, is an industry leader with BSP certification for EMDs in over 85 markets. In addition, the Gateway can handle all standard reporting methods, including ARC SPRF, BSP RET, TCH, HOT, and CAT.

The Gateway's ticketing, EMD, and settlement solution is unique in its cross-channel flexibility, giving the airline control of its method for ticketing, settlement and reporting for each channel.

FLX Merchandise

FLX Merchandise (as well as FLX Merchandise-Xpress) is a highly flexible and efficient merchandising solution from Farelogix that puts airlines squarely in control of how their product is differentiated and branded in terms of ancillary services and flight merchandising.  This solution supports retailing and personalization across multiple sales channels, including airline.com, check-in kiosks, call centers, and travel agencies (direct or via GDS).


FLX Merchandise takes personalization and merchandising to new heights. The system's limitless choices of products, attributes, and dynamic business rules enable airlines to design and communicate targeted offers to customers with unprecedented flexibility and speed to market.


For those airlines who may be limited by hard-coded solutions or budget, we offer FLX Merchandise-Xpress. This low risk, high opportunity solution for airline e-commerce delivers airline-controlled merchandising as a service (SaaS/Cloud Model) that uses a 'lite' version of the world's leading merchandising engine, FLX Merchandise.


Learn more about FLX Merchandise

FLX Shop & Price

FLX Shop & Price (FSP) provides airlines with a state-of-the-art airline pricing engine for comprehensive handling of pricing and faring requirements within the Gateway, including published fares from ATPCo, private fares, and merchandising/ancillary offers generated directly by the airline. Currently, FLX Shop & Price requires airlines to select among available pricing solutions (e.g., ITA Software or SITA), but in the near future FSP will transition to a Farelogix-developed airline pricing engine, complete with full integration into FLX Merchandise for merchandising. The pricing engines are seamlessly integrated into the Direct Connect/Airline Commerce Gateway environment for shopping, booking, and pricing, as well as handling customized bundles and personalized offers across one or more distribution outlets.


FLX Gateway API

The Gateway's single XML API provides a robust delivery vehicle by which the airline's full suite of content reaches the marketplace. Fully aligned with IATA's resolution 787 (New Distribution Capability), the Gateway API enables airlines to dynamically deliver customer offers no matter what touchpoint or channel – direct, indirect, or mobile – happens to be in play.
For the indirect channel, the airline's XML API can be implemented directly with agencies and corporate booking tools, or through a GDS or other content aggregator. The Gateway API's mobile-optimized schema elements make mobile merchandising and traveler self-service and recovery options a reality.