With airline ancillary revenue now in the billions of dollars, don't you want your piece of the pie?


Cross-Channel Merchandising Is Here with
FLX Merchandise

As ancillary revenues continue to multiply—with over $50B projected for 2014—the pressure is on airline executives to quickly deliver on creative, compelling, and effective merchandising strategies. Dynamically delivering personalization, trip customization, and intelligent offers is the DNA behind this maturing market. Whether a premium carrier or an LCC brand, every airline strives to differentiate itself, win traveler loyalty, and optimize revenue per passenger. (See how United Airlines is using FLX Merchandise).


FLX Merchandising Loyalty Module







































Our Merchandising Gateway powered by FLX Merchandise is a highly flexible and efficient merchandising solution that puts airlines squarely in control of how their product is differentiated and branded in terms of ancillary and value-added services, and flight merchandising.  Packed with features for product and offer creation and customization and a fully integrated baggage pricing engine, FLX Merchandise enables airlines to employ and maintain a single merchandising solution across multiple distribution outlets.



The system consists of a highly intuitive graphical user interface, managed by the airline, for product/business rule configuration; and a robust pricing engine capable of delivering priced offers using dollars, points, or mileage-based currency, and supports retailing and personalization across multiple sales channels, including airline.com, check-in kiosks, call centers, and travel agencies (direct or via GDS).


FLX Merchandising Loyalty Module

FLX Merchandising Loyalty enables airlines to promote target offers by using points/miles accrual as a dynamically-calculated attribute during the shop process. Earning or redemption opportunities may be tied to bundled fares or a la carte offers, with unlimited options for value calculation including base price multipliers, scoring tables or other airline-defined currency. Designed to bolster both consumer and corporate loyalty programs, FLX Merchandising Loyalty gives airlines the flexibility needed to optimize conversion and revenue per passenger, without adding significant processing overhead.


FLX Merchandise Product Highlights:

  • Dynamic Bundles for true traveler trip customization
  • Limitless choices of product components and attributes
  • Dynamic rules for unlimited content control by corporate ID, traveler ID or
    other airline-defined parameters
  • Multi-channel ready (e.g. indirect, web, mobile, and kiosk)
  • Built for rapid speed to market with its customizable schema and intuitive interface
    for rapid implementation
  • Engineered for flexibility with zero reliance on, and decoupled from, any specific
    faring engine
  • Easily integrated with airline frequent flier, CRM, loyalty, and Departure Control
  • Designed using proven airline integration XML standards
  • Fully integrated for issuance and storage of Electronic Miscellaneous
    Documents (EMD)
  • Inventory module enables dynamic product/service inventory management – including priced available seats during shop – while drastically reducing queries on airline host system
  • FLX Merchandising Loyalty module provides for dynamic, flexible management of loyalty, awards, and redemption rules, integrated into the shop process and without adding processing overhead
  • Enhanced FLX Merchandising Analytics and Data Warehouse make it even easier to know what was offered/accepted/rejected by whom, when and in what channel
  • Solution can be hosted by Farelogix or airline
  • Detailed history/audit trail
  • Enhanced analytics of offer optimization
  • Secure, PCI-compliance
  • Web and tablet compatible for the ability to work from anywhere

    For more information, including scheduling a demo, email merchandising@farelogix.com.